Bandcamp picks: Girl Platoon – Critters

GirlPlatoon are an Australian band specialising in TRASH. Their noisy approach to rock hearkens back to artists like Sonic Youth and places them in the fine Australian tradition of great psychedelic rock. Their new EP Critters is a belter.

Critters is incredibly well-produced for a bandcamp release. There’s a lot going on here, from the heavy-as-lead guitar, to the skittish drum machine, to the sultry vocals of the anonymous vocalist. Nothing is lost in the mix.

This is a doom-inducing builder of an EP for the most part, the heavy guitar riff rolling on rhythmically through the noise, winding round and round the hypnotic vocals into a slow descent that leaves one with a sense of the howling fantods.

These are songs that are incredibly messy, trashy and gripping. Making music that feels dangerous is no easy task these days, but GirlPlatoon have made something that is unusually exciting.

You can download Critters here


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