Bandcamp picks: BlessU – Death of Empathy

“A lot of LSD was done during the making of this album”


“A lot of LSD was done during the making of this album” is the only available description on the bandcamp page of BlessU’s release, Death of Empathy.

Concise and accurate enough, this only hints at the loopy hellride that this album takes, blending electronic genres seamlessly into a varied but consistently exciting project. Lucy Therapy kicks the album off with a glitchy drum and bass loop which quickly blossoms into a shimmering chorus, before rounding itself off with a hefty trap finish. The album is replete with weird samples, like the gurgling on Top Drop, which despite its frenetic beat, has a spacey vibe thanks to a liberal dose of reverb.

There’s a simultaneously terrifying and enticing  sense of dystopian futurism which pervades the album’s short 22-minute runtime; a kind of sickly urban malaise which might grate after longer listening periods, but is alluring in short bursts. The album is, in the best way possible, all over the place. BlessU manages to pack in a huge variety of styles under this cyberpunk umbrella and leaves us with a product that is short, but dense.

You can download Death of Empathy by clicking here

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