Bandcamp Picks: Turner Haut – Pudding Eulogist

Pudding Eulogist ignores the conventions of taste, political commentary, and even good time management


Many years ago, Glenn Beck was a semi-relevant conservative talk show host, whose appeal rested on the “everyone is an idiot but me” rhetoric of popular political discourse. In 2009, Beck released the book “Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government”. The book was a a number one best seller in the U.S. Continue reading “Bandcamp Picks: Turner Haut – Pudding Eulogist”

Review: Xiu Xiu – Forget

Forget is an album full of surprises.

Xiu Xiu write songs about things that you’re not supposed to talk about. Self-loathing, weird sex and death are all woven into a plethora of different sounds and styles. From the bare-bones acoustic songs of Fag Patrolto the “gay dance music” and neo-postpunk of Dear God I Hate Myself, Xiu Xiu are a band consistent in their inconsistency. Continue reading “Review: Xiu Xiu – Forget”

Bandcamp picks: Girl Platoon – Critters

GirlPlatoon are an Australian band specialising in TRASH. Their noisy approach to rock hearkens back to artists like Sonic Youth and places them in the fine Australian tradition of great psychedelic rock. Their new EP Critters is a belter. Continue reading “Bandcamp picks: Girl Platoon – Critters”

Why 2017 will be the year of bad protest music (and how to stop it)

If Punk is still alive, it works for President Donald J. Trump.

Today is Inauguration Day, that coveted day which occurs every four years in the American calendar, during which the Chief Justice of the United States transfers the power of presidency from one man to another. This happens via a mystical “essence sucking” ritual whereby the  previous President is drained forcibly and violently of his vitality by the Chief Justice.

Continue reading “Why 2017 will be the year of bad protest music (and how to stop it)”

Bandcamp picks: BlessU – Death of Empathy

“A lot of LSD was done during the making of this album”

“A lot of LSD was done during the making of this album” is the only available description on the bandcamp page of BlessU’s release, Death of Empathy. Continue reading “Bandcamp picks: BlessU – Death of Empathy”